Horticulture Therapy

Being in and working with a garden has been proven to relax our nervous systems, lift our mood, and decrease anxiety- so what better place to do therapy? In working with plants we deepen our connection to nature and our personal place in the ecosystem. Gardening is all about relationship, listening deeply, and watching for the slow changes and growth. Through relationship and metaphor the garden becomes part of therapy and supports personal growth.

To answer a common question-

“I work in my own garden all the time, why do horticulture therapy?” That’s great that you already have access to a garden space! Yes, being in a garden inherently can support your wellbeing, however, working with a caring, empathic therapist in a garden is different. In my work I help you find meaning, stay present, and deepen relationship in a way that can be integrated into the rest of life.

Want to get involved in the garden

Love gardening? Want to join a garden club to learn and share gardening skills? Want to support a horticulture therapy garden and our community's mental health? Here’s a chance to get your hands in the soil. If you’re looking to be involved in the therapy garden at Medicine Horse, but not wanting to do therapy at this time we have garden club meetings every other Saturday at Medicine Horse from 4:30-6. Email for more information.

A training for other therapists