LGBTQ+ of All Ages


LGBTQ+ People of all ages

Exploring identity, navigating sexual orientation, coming out, coming out… again, relationships, gender expression, healing around family of origin- all of these pieces of LGBTQ+ identities involve transition throughout a lifetime. ReRoot is about getting grounded in who you are now and then finding the available support in our environment. As a queer identified therapist Steph is willing to explore LGBTQ specific issues with openness and empathy. Nature based interventions are especially helpful in working with this challenges as plants, horses, non-human nature don’t have the social constructs around LGBTQ+ identities that our culture does. This can make space to explore identity and relationship beyond stereotypes and social pressures… then integrate what is learned into the rest of life.

LGBTQ+: (Emphasis on the +) In using this acronym it is my intention to include all identities that exist outside of the heteronormative/cisgender normative experience including but not limited to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Pansexual, Two-Spirit, Non-Binary, and Gender fluid folx.